Unlimited 🍕 Pizza


  • Serpentity : An entity framework for JavaScript.
  • Nginx Office Hours : A victory for the server's labor rights: An nginx module that allows you to serve your content only during office hours.
  • Flower : 🌹🌸🌺💐🌼🌻🌷 draw a flower rotating a cube 🌷🌻🌼💐🌺🌸🌹
  • Sorting Hat & Renderer : Reads your brain and places you in a category based on your mental activity
  • Dasein : Ephemeral posts experiment: the posts stay alive as the conversation continues, but disappear shortly after activity stops.
  • Dead Drop : Marca un número de 📞 y deja un mensaje secreto, o escucha algo al azar.
  • Heart : ❤️💜💙💛💚
  • Generador de Insultos : Un generador de insultos multi-usos que te da un insulto nuevo cada vez que lo cargas.
  • Grita : Comparte texto anónimamente y distribuyelo con QR codes y URLs cortas.
  • Polarity : Top-down arena shooter game with magnetism.
  • Pico Engine : Platform game engine with lua scripting.

Even more stuff.

🍕 Unlimited pizza 🍕 Rubén Beltrán del Río. I have words written (español e inglés) on medium, spoken in a handy playlist, music at soundcloud and bandcamp, and code at gitlab. I sometimes post gifs in ello and pictures in youpic You can write me an e-mail if you find a cool rock you want to show me, if you want to tell a story, if you need a cyber high five, if robots are starting an uprising and you want us to join, or if you want to get together to practice your latest dance moves. But twitter works better.